So now that I am in the process of getting my first home, I am searching for insurance. Unlike tangible products, insurance prices seems to vary by very large amounts of money. A policy from company A might be as little as 50 bucks more expensive than company B or as much as 700 buck more for the same coverage.  Oh, and then whatever company you choose you will want to have cover all your insurance needs because you get big discounts for doing that. But if the discount isn’t big enough on your current company then to save the big bucks you will have to switch from A to B for more than one policy. This is one of those times where you wish price matching was easy.

Another things that seems silly about shopping for insurance is just getting simple quotes.  Companies like USAA and Liberty Mutual offer online quotes but sites like Allstate and State Farm require you to call a person and hand out all your private information over the phone.  And of course then the agents try to make you feel bad when you say you don’t want their policy or that you found it cheaper elsewhere. Bottom line here is that it is not hard to allow an online quote.  It makes it faster and easier for the consumer and then gives them the option of calling in the case that they want to try and negotiate something.

Like many things in this new process I am learning, shopping for and getting insurance is much harder and much more of a pain than I feel is really necessary.  Oh well.