another “new” iPhone

Today Apple announced a “new” iPhone.  Their idea of new is some updated hardware.  I realize that iOS 5 comes out shortly which adds some nice features so iOS.  Apple gets so angry that they sue when people do anything that is remotely similar to any of their products.  Now they turn around and add features to iOS that they blocked from developers who actually invented the the app.  Not only that, they are adding features taken straight from Android and calling it innovative.

Yes, Apple does make some very good devices and they are usually rock solid.  I am just disappointed with the way in which they conduct their business. Under the lead of Steve Jobs, Apple came up with some excellent devices – like the iPod.  A great invention that has changed the way people listen to music on the go. Then the first iPhone changed the way people use smartphones. Since then, Apple has become a place where innovation is becoming less and less important and getting a “new” product out the door is the key.  FOr the consumers it is not so good but its a genius move for business. Apple created a great name for itself where people will blindly just buy the product because it is made by Apple. That means it will probably be a good device, but by far not even close to the best product you get for the same or less money.

Should you get the iPhone 4S?  Of course not, why would you waste your money on a new phone without LTE and that does not allow you to expand your storage space?  There are many Android phones out that offer a better experience for much less money. Will it take a little more work – probably, but when you save hundreds of dollars it is quite worth it.

After reading this post you may think that I am an Apple hater, but that is not true either.  In fact, I am writing this post on a mac. They make solid devices with (usually) solid software, you just have to pay a huge premium that it not always worth it.  Using that information, Android is arguably much more impressive since it works on so many different devices. In the world of mobile phones, Android is like Windows where it may have some bugs that appear, but will be much more wide spread and have a much larger market penetration.