Computer Clinic

Coming in Spring 2019, The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation will proudly bring you our seventh annual Computer Clinic!

2016 Computer Clinic Volunteers

All of our services are offered free of charge.

In addition to answering your general technology questions, we offer personalized, dedicated 1-on-1 time with a technician! Bring in your computer (or other technological device) and spend time with one of our staff. They’ll work with you to tune up your computer, answer your questions, and troubleshoot any problems you have.

Attending the event?

Here are some things you should know:

  • Please do not bring devices that are unable to boot up. We cannot replace or repair hardware!
  • If bringing a desktop.  Bring just the tower.  We have keyboards, monitors, mice and all the interconnecting cords.
  • If bringing a laptop be sure to bring the power supply.
  • We will service any Windows-based PCs and Macs.

What we will do:

  • Update antivirus software or install a freeware version and run the checker
  • PC optimization and system clean-up
  • Remove spyware
  • Defragment your disk drive if needed
  • Remove unnecessary programs from automatically starting up which slow down your computer
  • Make recommendations on how you can update your hardware (larger disk drive, more memory, etc.) or if you should consider purchasing a new computer
  • Make software recommendations
  • Provide a written list of what we did to your computer

What we will NOT do:

  • Update your operating system
  • Repair broken hardware (although if we see an issue we will alert you)
  • Repair computers unable to boot up
  • Remove any software or files without your permission
  • Sell your hardware
  • Build a website or app

You can visit our official Facebook event page here:

Questions about the event? Want to volunteer?
Please contact Jeff at