Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation seeks to continue Michael’s legacy through education and community service.

Our Core Values

  • Community Service: Our activities center on the communities that were important to Michael.  Primarily this means Merrimack, NH but can also include elements of the Lynn, MA and Merrimack College communities that were of particular importance to Michael.
  • Education: We support education in all forms and seek to advance it in any way we can.  However, we give particular preference to Science, Technology, Math, the Technical Arts (Photography, Videography, Graphic Design), and Fitness (especially running).
  • Technology: We believe in the ability of technology to improve lives and seek to help the community adopt and embrace modern technologies.
  • Improvement: Our activities should leave the beneficiaries permanently better off.  We are looking to “teach a man to fish,” not just to “give a man a fish”.