Mission & Values

Inspiring our Community through Service and Education

The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation is at its best when it serves as an inspiration and example in its community. Our namesake, Mike, was always the first to lend a hand – to his family, to his friends, to his neighbors, to people he barely knew. By following his example, the members and volunteers of MLMF can continue that tradition. As Mike inspired us, we hope to inspire others.

The Foundation’s strength is that it can enable the best intentions of others. Every person has a new idea to improve their community, or has some skill or ability that can improve the lives of others. But not everyone has the resources to enact their ideas or a community to support their efforts. Our mission is to provide a vehicle for our members and volunteers to turn their ideas into meaningful actions with tangible community benefit. 

This mission can best be accomplished by focusing on the Foundation’s core values:

Small things can have a large impact. Mike’s example inspired dozens of volunteers to serve their community. A small stone can make large ripples in the pond. By acting locally within their community, the Foundation’s volunteers can have an effect far larger than the simple act of one individual. 

Education can permanently improve the lives of others. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. By focusing on education, Foundation volunteers can have a lasting beneficial impact on others.

Access to technology can open doors. As technology advances, those who cannot use or access technology get left farther and farther behind. Whether it be educating people on how to use the tools at their disposal, or ensuring access to those who might otherwise go without, the Foundation seeks to enable others to effectively use technology to improve their lives.

The things you care about can matter. There are a thousand ways we can help those around us. By their creativity, Foundation volunteers continue to find new ways to use their particular talents and interests to benefit their communities.

Our service changes as we change. Our volunteers do not rest on their laurels. The ways we help others can always be improved. The things that helped last year may not be needed this year. The ways our volunteers can help will evolve over time. The Foundation always seeks to be dynamic in its efforts to serve its communities.