Almost one year

My daughter’s first birthday is right around the corner and it seems like I lost one year of time when I think about it quickly.  However, when I actually think about it I have sooo many memories from the past year. I have photos of my family all around my workspace and I could write several pages for why each one was the best moment in my life.

As I continue to get older the time speedup feeling doesn’t go away – in fact it continues to speed up.  I suppose it makes sense though. I am 23 right now so when I turn 24 that year will comprise of about 4% of my life.  It always felt like time went slower before when I was young. So for example when I turned 11 that year was 9% of my life.  So as you get older and that percentage drops you feel as if time is going by faster because you continually add to your memories and relative to the rest of your life it starts to become a smaller unit of time.

Now that you got my little explanation of time speedup, let me tell you when it doesn’t matter at all!  I mentioned before that I have SOO many good memories from the past year. When I sit down and remember them the last 4% of my life becomes more like 50% of my life.  I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without my wonderful wife or daughter. They make me so happy and give me so many memorable moments!

I have a photo on my desk of my daughter after one her nightly baths.  She was looking directly at me as I popped my head around the door. That smile was for ME – her daddy, and I happened to get a photo of it at the same time.  Its one of my favorite photos of her and gives me a simply unexplainable feeling! The joys of parenting will FAR exceed the pains of it.