First December with my Daughter

This year marks the first December for my daughter and thus the her first Christmas. Planning for it can be kind of tough since our entire family will not be together on Christmas day. Fortunately we will be able to let most of the family see her within a couple days of Christmas. We got a little 3ft Christmas tree up in our window that we have our presents under. She likes to look at it. My parents have a full size tree at their house and she likes to try and touch all the ornaments on it!

Yesterday marked a first time for me as a father too. My wife had a dentist appointment and both of my parents were at work so For the time my wife was gone I was watching my daughter – with no one else around. This had not happened before. She was a little angel for me (besides refusing the new nipple on her bottle). She just sat there on the couch happily playing with her toys and clapping her hands. Occasionally she would look up at me and say “Dadadadadadadada” and then get this huge smile on her face. It is moments like that when you know that no matter what – you will always love that child. There is just a feeling you get where it makes so unbelievably happy that you really can’t explain it. All those things you hear about having a child really are true. Sure there are moments when you just can’t take it anymore because they are driving you crazy – but they make up for it! My daughter has already changed my life in many ways, but they are all for the best and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!