Android Apps!

So A few days ago I decided to post my first Android app – Word Crush.  Its also the first result when you Google word crush – which makes me happy.  It is a simple word game where you get some letters and try to make words with them.  Each round is guaranteed to have at least 20 words and at least one six letter word. Being a Computer Science guy I am not very good at the game myself but my wife is amazing at it.

The interesting thing is it already has over 1000 downloads.  Not sure if that is just dumb luck or because people actually like it.  I am also very impressed with the statistics Google provides to you. You get to see the breakdown of OS versions, hardware, language, etc of all the devices its on.  You can see total installs and active installs as well. The really nice thing about it is that it tells you about and crashes you might have as well as user notes if they submit them.  This will help developers to fix the bugs quickly – though it might be hard to reproduce them. Needless to say I think this is a good first start into the mobile app world and I am impressed with the feedback you get from the market web interface.