Some thoughts from my head

SO much for posting one a day, it has been over a week since my last post.  I am going to blame my super busy as of right now. Fortunately things should be calming down a bit.  My families move is almost done – though we will need to organize the furniture and fine good locations for stuff.  I still need to finish doing outlets in my house (I am replacing all the outlets to have tamper resistant outlets). Many needed to be rewired so I figured why not just do them all.

My employer does something very cool.  Two days out of every month you get to work on whatever you want.  This helps to keep employees happy and will also wind up creating some really cool things!  It would be nice if more companies were able to do something like this!

As I am sitting here writing this on the couch near my desk at work all I can think about is my wife and daughter and how I just want to spend time with them.  I am so happy soon my house will be a short drive from work which means lunch with my family could be a reality! 🙂