Steve Jobs

As much as I complained about how much the internet talked about Steve Jobs, I feel its time I put in my two cents about it.  First and foremost, Steve was an unbelievable visionary for technology. He could dream up some incredible products and was able to help them come to life.  His ideas and products have helped competitors shape their products to help advance the usefulness of technology. That said, there are some things about what he did to Apple that I disagree with.  Apple makes solid hardware (at least they used to) but more often I am hearing stories of numerous visits to the genius bar for the same problems. Many times its the same people having repeat visits to the Apple store.  Also, the last release of the iPhone was pretty pathetic. They did a great job advancing voice control – that is about it. Phones will get new hardware and get faster and smaller, consumers expect that. There was really no innovation this time and with Steve gone, will Apple be able to keep up?  Or will they just continue to steal ideas from Android and other app developers? For a company that claims that stealing is wrong and often sues other companies for things as common as of there is a clock on your lock screen, they seem very hypocritical right now. Thanks Steve Jobs for all you have given us in your lifetime.  Hopefully someone will come along and put Apple in line like you did in the early 2000s.