NANOG day 3

Day three in Philly… I slept well last night – Yay!  This morning has had some fun talks which I have more or less understood.  Another Yay! Last night was the “beer n’ gear” where I got to learn a bit about what some companies do or services they provide.  I also got handed shirts and swag stuff. I met up with my boss and met some cool people that help make the internet work (Yes I really mean that).  The people I am here with make sure that the internet stay up with many different paths available for you to reach the servers you want to!

When I got back up to my room I had a mos excellent video chat with my wife and daughter.  She was smiling a lot and making fun noises! I also think a couple times she realized that the face on the laptop screen was actually her daddy!  That was fun watching the realization. It will definitely be good to see them both tomorrow! For now I am learning a bunch!