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    Huge thanks to Courtney Reynolds Photography for these amazing shots! Check out her website:

    Thanks also to all the volunteers, participants and sponsors who made this such a special day!


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    Scholarship Committee Update

    In June, we awarded the Michael LoVerme Memorial Scholarship for the third time.  This year’s winner was Kellie Matthewson.  Kellie’s project was a video documenting her volunteer work with Fitness University, a program that teaches children about fitness, giving them the building blocks for strong self-esteem and a healthy life.  We are happy to be able to support the community and continue to discuss ways to increase participation and engagement.  To see Kellie’s project, visit our site:

    2015 Michael LoVerme Memorial Scholarship winner Kellie Matthewson is pictured with foundation president David LoVerme and Mike’s mother Eileen LoVerme.
    Race Committee Update

    The race committee has been hard at work the past few months preparing for the 4th Annual Michael LoVerme Memorial 5k Race/Walk. Now that we’ve had the experience of three successful races, planning for the 2015 edition has been more about perfecting the foundation’s major event. For those who attended last year, much of the race-day experience will look familiar: the same USATF certified course, lots of great raffle prizes, and plenty of delicious post-race snacks and drinks.     

    Our road race is always a wonderful way to join together two of Mike’s passions: running and helping others. A large percentage of the proceeds fund the annual scholarship given in Mike’s name. We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors; anyone with interest should contact Scott Hafferkamp at We hope that this year’s 5k will be our most successful and well-attended event yet, and we look forward to celebrating Michael’s memory with our MLMF family. See you at the starting line!

    Members of MLMF work at Wildcat Falls in June helping to put up sign posts.  Pictured from left to right are Jeff Christensen, Chris Wilkins, Eileen and Cliff LoVerme, Jeff and Jess Titus, Dave Zaharee, David LoVerme, Justin and Liz Ruddock,  Scott Hafferkamp, Nolan Barrie, and Steve Chaloner.  

    Adopt-a-Spot Update

    The Adopt-a-Spot project had an excellent first year. Several people from the Foundation showed up at the end of spring to help clean up the trails at Wildcat Falls Conservation Area, along with several other volunteers from the town. This was a great day to get out and meet people who care about Wildcat Falls as much as we do, and introduce them to the great work our volunteers will be doing there.

    We also pulled off our first major project without a hitch. We had a great crowd show up in June to install trail markers. We had enough volunteers to put together five teams to dig holes, pour concrete, and install sign posts marking the major trails at Wildcat Falls. Several hikers passing by commented on how badly the trail signs were needed, and the Town’s Wildcat Falls Subcommittee was extremely grateful for the help we were able to provide.

    Marketing Committee Update

    It’s been an exciting few months for the marketing committee as we have made great strides to increase our digital footprint.  In late spring we launched our Twitter account, which allows us to communicate information, updates, and fun facts about our actions.  Check it out and follow us at!  Additionally, our application was accepted for Google Ad Grants, a highly impactful charitable program run by Google.  This will give us free access to advertise our events on Google’s website.  This will greatly increase our ability to reach people in the community and should thereby increase attendance for our Race and Computer Clinic events, ultimately boosting our positive impact on the community.

    MLMF member Kiley Naro doing a presentation at the Merrimack Public Library.

    Computer Clinic Update

    On March 28, the Foundation had its most successful computer clinic yet. After a big advertising push from the members of the committee, including a new sponsor Right Computer Solutions and coordination with the graphics design class at Merrimack High School, the Computer Clinic helped a record number of people with their computers. Fortunately, we had just enough dedicated volunteers to handle the crowds, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without them.

    The Computer Clinic Committee also hosted a workshop at the Nashua Public Library that drew such a crowd the auditorium ran out of seats. Of course, we’ve been continuing the popular workshops at the Merrimack Public Library, including offering tutorials and Q&A sessions as we expand our repertoire. And, as the summer winds down, the Computer Clinic Committee will be getting back to the task of planning next year’s event, possibly with some new developments and expansions in store.

    Kim LoVerme and Liz Ruddock helped out behind the scenes at the Computer Clinic by working in the kitchen to create delicious baked goods.
    David LoVerme and Scott Hafferkamp welcome community members to the Computer Clinic.

    President’s Message

    The fall has always been a time of reflection for me, something about the summer winding down, the changing of the seasons, the promise of pumpkin flavored everything, sets the mind to work.  As always, our Foundation is often top of mind.  More than anything else, I can’t help being awed, inspired, and grateful when I think about where we have come and the people who have taken us there.  I don’t have the space to give justice to everyone but I want to focus on two people in particular.  In April, our Treasurer, Brandyn, and his wife Amanda welcomed their second daughter into the world.  Despite a full time job, a family, and a habit of running that some might consider a part-time job in and of itself, Brandyn continues to drive the Foundation forward in his role as Treasurer, Director, and beyond.  I cannot overstate enough that we would not be where we are today without Brandyn, his wife Amanda, and the incredible effort they both have put forth.  Like Brandyn, our Vice President, Jeff Christensen, has also been pretty busy the last few years.  Since we started the Foundation, he finished law school, passed the bar exam, and bought a house.  Despite all the demands on his time, Jeff has been a constant asset to the Foundation, helping navigate the complicated world of Bylaws, Incorporation, and government bureaucracy.  Many of our strong community ties that enable us to hold the computer clinic and better the Wildcat Falls Nature Preserve owe their existence to Jeff’s efforts.  Like Brandyn and Jeff, so many of our Members and Directors take time out of their already busy lives to make the Foundation a success.  I could not be more humbled and grateful.  A man who always made the time to help and serve others with a smile on his face, I know Mike would be incredibly proud and thankful for the monumental efforts everyone has put in.  As we close out the year, I look forward to continuing the great work we are doing and to watching the Foundation continue to grow and expand its presence and positive impact on the community and on our lives.  Thank you as always for your support.



    President – Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation

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    DSC_0752 (1)

    2015 scholarship recipient Kellie Mathewson, pictured with David LoVerme and Eileen LoVerme

    On Tuesday, June 2nd, Merrimack High School had its annual awards night where the school honors and recognizes the accomplishments of its students.  The presentation of the Michael LoVerme Memorial Scholarship is part of the ceremony and we were pleased to be on hand to present it to this year’s recipient, Kellie Mathewson.  Kellie’s project was a video documenting her volunteer work with Fitness University, a program that teaches children about fitness, giving them the building blocks for strong self-esteem and a healthy life.

    We are so grateful to be a part of such a special community and it is our privilege to get to support such talented and giving individuals.  Congratulations and good luck to Kellie this fall as she enters college!

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    The team is hard at work preparing for our 4th Annual Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation 5k Race/Walk. Check out the event page for the latest details!

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    Our 2015 Computer Clinic event was nothing short of a success. We had the largest turnout of any of our events since the inception of our organization. Thank you to everyone who was involved! We look forward to incorporating your feedback and improving our event every year.

    Among many others, we helped our guests solve problems with printers not loading, emails not sending, unwanted pop-ups on their screen, installation of software, answering excel questions, getting pictures to and from their computer, and resolving issues with general slowness.

    Please look forward to our continuing workshop series at the Merrimack Public Library. We host an interactive discussion on tech topics ranging from digital photography to internet security to advanced Googling. Our next presentation is tomorrow, April 6th at 730 PM. Kiley will be teaching our guests how to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Check out our Facebook Page for the latest details and updates. We hope to see you there!

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    Breaking News: The Third Annual MLMF Computer Clinic is coming up on March 28, 2015. The past two years have seen a lot of changes to the format of the clinic as we’ve learned how to best put together a new and unique event. Now that we’ve got everything down and running smoothly, this year we’ve been pushing advertising, working to involve the Merrimack high school, and expect to have another great clinic very soon. Information about the Clinic and the workshop schedule is at, and if you’d like to volunteer this year, please email

    Cliff and Kaylee LoVerme at the Wildcat Falls Conservation Area.
    The Adopt-a-Spot project has taken off since the last update. Members of the Adopt-a-Spot committee met with Merrimack’s Wildcat Falls Subcommittee last fall to offer to work with the Town to help upkeep, maintain, and improve the Wildcat Falls Conservation Area in Merrimack, and the Town is very excited to have us work with them. Wildcat Falls is particularly special to the Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation, as it was a favorite spot of Mike’s to go running with Merrimack High School. This will be an ongoing project, with something new every year as the needs of the park change. This will provide a great opportunity for MLMF volunteers to get together and enjoy a warm day outdoors helping the community improving a local treasure.
    This year, the project is going to be trail maintenance, mapping, and marking. After a cold winter with heavy snowfall, the Wildcat Falls will require a lot of cleanup. The Town’s Wildcat Falls subcommittee has also been working hard to have the trails mapped and identified, and hopes to install trail markers and posts in the area to help visitors navigate. This is a project that requires a lot of manpower, especially since Wildcat Falls is a conservation area, and something that the Town might not have been able to do if MLMF volunteers were not offering to lend the Town their strength. The Adopt-a-Spot Committee has also been in discussions with Town about a memorial bench or benches along the trails, and even naming one of the trails in Mike’s memory, and will be scouting the trails to determine the best locations to honor Mike. Trail cleanup will be on April 18, and the trail marking and post installations will be on June 6, 2015.
    Scholarship UpdateWe are excited to offer the Michael LoVerme Memorial Scholarship once again this year to a graduating Merrimack High School Senior.  Applications will shortly be available to students and the committee will evaluate them once the submissions are all in.  We ask students to demonstrate via essay or mixed media project how they use something they love to help others.  If you have not already we encourage you to check out last year’s winner, Alexandra DeFelice who was on hand along with her entire family as volunteers at last year’s Memorial 5k!

    We look forward to more great submissions this year and ask all teachers or parents who know eligible students to encourage them to apply.

    Race CommitteeThe 3rd Annual Michael LoVerme Memorial 5K Race/Walk was our most successful event to date! 200 runners and walkers turned out on a clear and crisp October afternoon to enjoy the race and post-race festivities. Record numbers or volunteers ensured that the day ran smoothly, and a robust list of generous sponsors contributed to raffle prizes and refreshments. The proceeds from the race will continue to fund the foundation’s scholarship at MHS as well as other service projects.

    The race committee will be ramping back up this spring in anticipation of the 2015 race. We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors; anyone with interest should contact Scott Hafferkamp at

    Mike preparing for one of his many 5K races.
    Mission/Core Values CommitteeThe Mission and Core Values committee will be working on a mission statement for the Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation.  We will build on the core values of community service, education, technology and love of the outdoors and running to frame the mission statement.  This will be helpful when people ask us what the foundation does.  The committee consists of Cliff and Eileen LoVerme, Jeff Christensen and Scott Hafferkamp.
    Cliff LoVerme leading a workshop at the Merrimack Public Library.
    Computer Clinic
    This year the Computer Clinic has expanded beyond the Computer Clinic. MLMF volunteers have begun a series of free computer workshops and technology presentations at the Merrimack Public Library every other monday evening. Topics have included internet security, DSLR camera equipment and photography, cloud streaming and storage, and more. These workshops have been a hit at the library, helping out people in the local community, while also spreading the word about the Computer Clinic and the Foundation. These workshops will continue on after the computer clinic, and likely expand to include more locations.

    President’s Message

    Though it has only been a few months since our last newsletter, much has changed with the Foundation!  We had an awesome Memorial Race, elected a new Director to our Board (welcome Justin!), and have made substantial progress in improving existing activities and creating new ones.  The Foundation as a whole is really hitting its stride, adding considerable value to the community and bonding as a group.  Over the course of 2015, we will continue to refine our identity, our mission, and our values, to ensure that we continue to grow in a way that truly benefits the community and honors Mike.

    When I look back at my childhood, there was a lot of overlap in the things Mike and I did, from Track to Student Council to Teen Center to Videography, to the untrained eye it might have seemed that Mike took his lead from me.  While I certainly hope I could provide some value as an example, what strikes me more are the ways Mike broke from the mold and, even with two older brothers, forged his own path forward.  When Steve and I switched to snowboards, Mike continued to ski.  While Steve and I did boy scouts, Mike opted not to join but rather to find his own opportunities to practice his love for the outdoors.  In a family where everyone else played guitar, Mike preferred to focus on recording and sound equipment, managing sound for several school theater productions.  When he ran out of computer classes to take at MHS, he pioneered his own Cisco certification, and literally changed the rules for uninterrupted power at Merrimack College to ensure the servers for all his endeavors stayed running.  He was an engineer and an artist, a computer geek and an athlete, a gamer and an outdoorsman.  Mike wasn’t one to let conventional wisdom keep him from being who he was, and that is a trait we will try to emulate even as we refine our focus over the next year.  We will look to other organizations for best practices but be unafraid to forge our own trail, holding one of a kind events like the Computer Clinic and pioneering programs like Adopt-a-Spot.  I thank you all for your continued involvement and support and look forward to continuing on this journey together.


    David LoVerme

    Mike’s Brother and President of the Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation


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    If you missed last year’s presentations, or want to view them again, you can watch the videos in their entirety from our YouTube channel.


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    The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation is gearing up for its third annual Computer Clinic Event on March 28th!

    This year we are proudly offering free trouble-shooting of your computer or mobile device, Q&A and several hours of helpful technology workshops.

    Visit our event page for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

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    This year’s 5k grew by 33% with 201 finishers and scores of volunteers and supporters all taking part to ensure a great event!  The results are live on  A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for making the event possible a special thanks to Shane Godfrey Photography for taking these amazing photographs! (more…)

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    Scholarship Recipient Alexandra DeFelice with Eileen LoVerme, Mike’s Mother and Foundation Member.
    Scholarship Committee:

    A prominent member of the Class of 2006 Mike was always a proud Merrimack High School Alumnus.  He left an indelible mark on the school and it is only fitting that we are able to further propagate his positive influence there by offering a $1000 merit-based scholarship each year to one graduating MHS Senior.  We ask applicants to provide a mixed media project or essay on how they can use something they enjoy doing to help others.  The different submissions have been extraordinary and have solidified our belief in just how special a place Merrimack High School is.
    This past June, we awarded our second annual Michael LoVerme Memorial Scholarship to Alexandra DeFelice.  We had a number of strong applicants but Alexandra’s video about helping special needs students experience the joys of dance and feel proud exemplified the spirit of altruism that Mike embodied so well.  It was a polished and earnest production that showed a clear understanding of the scholarship topic.  We are so proud to have Alexandra as a scholarship recipient and wish her the best in her studies at Southern New Hampshire University.  We encourage everyone to check out her project on our website:
    In addition to the $1000 we award as a scholarship, we also set aside another $1000 toward the scholarship fund with the goal of creating a perpetual trust down the line.  We encourage all rising Merrimack High School seniors to apply and faculty, family, and friends to suggest applying to deserving students.  Application instructions for the class of 2015 will be available to students via the MHS guidance department this coming spring.
    Mission Statement/Core Values Committee:During the upcoming fall season, this committee plans to craft a mission statement and set of core values that clearly describe the purpose and goals of our foundation. Articulating a clear vision will help us carry on Mike’s legacy with fidelity.
    Race Committee:The race committee has been hard at work the past few months preparing for the 3rd Annual Michael LoVerme Memorial 5k Race/Walk. Now that we’ve had the experience of two successful races, planning for the 2014 edition has been more about refining our foundation’s major event rather than starting from scratch. For those who attended last year, much of the race-day experience will look familiar: the same USATF certified course, lots of great raffle prizes, and plenty of delicious post-race snacks and drinks.

    We don’t want to get too complacent, however, and we’ve looked for ways in which to improve the event. We have shown growth in our marketing methods. Our presence on social media outlets such as Facebook will be more consistent leading up to race day. We have also purchased stylish lawn signs advertising the race that will soon be popping up in strategic spots all around Merrimack. Keep an eye out for them if you live in the area! We hope that this year’s 5k will be our most successful and well-attended event yet, and we look forwarding to celebrating Michael’s memory with our MLMF family. See you at the starting line!

    2013 Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation 5K.

    Adopt a Spot:

    One thing the MLMF has been looking for has been an annual event that was primarily for the members with a bit more social orientation. We created the “Adopt-a-Spot Committee” to look into finding a spot in one of the local parks in Merrimack that can be the focus of this event. The Merrimack Parks & Recreation Committee has discussed creating an Adopt-a-Spot program, wherein, like the Adopt-a-Highway programs, a group can adopt an area of a park and provide maintenance and upkeep. MLMF may be the first group to pioneer this project. The goal will be for the MLMF to have an annual summer event where MLMF and volunteers can go to the adopted spot, and spend a day enjoying the park and providing clean-up and upkeep.


    The Adopt-a-Spot Committee is still in the investigation stages. One complication has been the need to coordinate with the governmental bodies in the town, as many of the most ideal spots, such as Wildcat or Horse Hill, are also under the purview of the Merrimack Conservation Commission, which doesn’t have the flexibility of the Parks & Recreation Committee. However, we hope to be able to have everything squared away so have our first event next summer.

    Computer Clinic:

    This spring we finished our Second Annual Computer Clinic. The Computer Clinic is an opportunity for members of the community, or really just anyone who wanders through the doors, to have their computers fixed and their technology questions answered by bona fide MLMF-approved nerds. We provided one-on-one personal service or training, as well as presentations and workshops, and delicious baked goods, all free of charge. We dealt with everything from setting up email to training in PHP and MySQL. This year we also partnered with the Merrimack Public Library to start doing presentations and training workshops outside of the clinic itself.


    The Clinic is a unique endeavor without a model archetype to follow, and the committee has done a remarkable job figuring it out and refining the idea. One particular focus this year is expanding the workshops outside of the clinic, providing ongoing presentations and training workshops, such as we did with the Library. We’ll also be making a big push on advertising this year for our Third Annual MLMF Computer Clinic in Spring 2015, so expect to hear big things. All of the credit goes to the members Computer Clinic Committee, who managed to build this out of nothing but a crazy idea, and the generous volunteers, who generously gave an entire saturday to help the local computer illiterate. And Kim, for making us all fat with the delicious brownies she brings (rumor has it there may be a bake-off next year).

    Justin Ruddock works with a member of the community at the second annual MLMF Computer Clinic.

    President’s Message

    It is hard to believe that it has been more than two years since we lost Mike.  We still feel depth of his loss each day and the world is a little bit less joyful without his presence.  As time passes, however, I am struck by how enduring Mike’s influence continues to be.  In his life he constantly provided the archetype of thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit.  Being around him made you want to be a better person and so many of us are just that as a result of knowing him.  It is for this reason that I am so proud of where we have come with the Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation.  In the generosity of its members and the support and embrace of the community, I see Mike’s influence at work.  What began as a race to remember Mike and to fund a scholarship in his honor has taken off into so much more than that.  Mike was as persistent as he was kind and it is those qualities that he passed on to his friends and family that have helped us expand the Foundation to a full on non-profit.
    In just two years, we have successfully brought hundreds together to celebrate Mike’s life through running and community bonding at two Memorial Races.  We have eradicated hundreds of viruses from the computers of Merrimack residents and educated them with meaningful technology skills at our two Computer Clinics.  Through donations and our scholarship fund we have helped support victim’s of the Boston Marathon Bombings, fight eye diseases through research, and send two promising young Merrimack High School students to college.  We have battled bureaucracy to the brink of our nerves’ ends to finally become 501(c)3 certified as a tax exempt non-profit with the IRS so that all gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.  Most importantly, we have given friends, family, and community members (myself included), a positive and meaningful way to remember and honor a great man.  No amount of good we can do will outweigh the depth of loss that we feel but in channeling our energy and emotions towards this goal we can maintain Mike’s legacy of service and continue to make him proud.
    As we pass into the tail end of 2014 and beyond we will continue to use the Foundation as a way to help the community and remember Mike.  We will shortly have our 3rd Annual Memorial Race and expect it to be our most successful yet.  We will also continue to hold Computer Clinics, award scholarships and look for other opportunities to help others just as Mike was so adept at doing.  We will seek to focus our efforts to be as impactful as possible and continue to make the Foundation a positive force in the community.  I thank you for your continued involvement and support and I take great pleasure in working with each of you.  I wish everyone the best as we look forward to a great end of the year.  Mike would be proud.
    David LoVerme
    Mike’s Brother and President
    Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation

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