MLMF directors and volunteers at the 2012 Memorial Race

The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation was founded in July of 2012 by friends and family members in the wake of Michael’s accident.  Originally limited to a Memorial Race to fund a scholarship, the organization quickly grew into a full-fledged charitable foundation devoted to remembering Mike and continuing his legacy of service through charitable donations, community outreach and volunteer action.

In our first year of existence, the Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation held our inaugural Memorial 5k Run/Walk in October 2012, involving about 300 participants and volunteers and raising money for further Foundation actions and donations.  In 2013, the Foundation received over twenty essays and projects for the first annual Memorial Scholarship and awarded it to a Merrimack High School graduating senior whose project exemplified Mike’s devotion to service.  In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Foundation also donated funds to the One Fund to aid those affected.

The Foundation is also hosts an annual Computer Clinic in addition to other service and donation opportunities.

The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation and is officially 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  Membership in the organization is open to anyone with an interest in furthering our mission of remembering Mike and continuing his legacy of service.  Members determine, plan, and carry-out projects, donations and fundraising efforts to fulfill this mission.  Members may be involved in as little or great a capacity as they desire.  Members may also be elected to the Board of Directors or an officer position at the annual meeting.  The only required qualification for membership is belief in the Foundation’s Mission and desire to carry it out.


The Michael LoVerme Memorial Foundation seeks to continue Michael’s legacy through education and community service.


  • Community ServiceOur activities center on the communities that were important to Michael.  Primarily this means Merrimack, NH but can also include elements of the Lynn, MA and Merrimack College communities that were of particular importance to Michael.
  • Education: We support education in all forms and seek to advance it in any way we can.  However, we give particular preference to Science, Technology, Math, the Technical Arts (Photography, Videography, Graphic Design), and Fitness (especially running). 
  • Technology: We believe in the ability of technology to improve lives and seek to help the community adopt and embrace modern technologies. 
  • Improvement: Our activities should leave the beneficiaries permanently better off.  We are looking to “teach a man to fish,” not just to “give a man a fish”.

For more information or to become a member, email