Our 2015 Computer Clinic event was nothing short of a success. We had the largest turnout of any of our events since the inception of our organization. Thank you to everyone who was involved! We look forward to incorporating your feedback and improving our event every year.

Among many others, we helped our guests solve problems with printers not loading, emails not sending, unwanted pop-ups on their screen, installation of software, answering excel questions, getting pictures to and from their computer, and resolving issues with general slowness.

Please look forward to our continuing workshop series at the Merrimack Public Library. We host an interactive discussion on tech topics ranging from digital photography to internet security to advanced Googling. Our next presentation is tomorrow, April 6th at 730 PM. Kiley will be teaching our guests how to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Check out our Facebook Page for the latest details and updates. We hope to see you there!